Jesus taught that how we handle our money is an indicator of our hearts, and Paul taught that we should give cheerfully and sacrificially in response to the love of God. God gives us all the great privilege of partnering with Him in what He wants to do in the world.

Your giving is an act of worship and makes possible the mission and ministries of Toulon United Methodist Church. At Toulon United Methodist Church we invite our members and regular attenders to give during our worship services, or by using on-line giving, or by mailing in their contributions.

We offer on-line giving as a convenience for those who are unable to be present in worship or who prefer to give online rather than on Sunday morning. Online giving can be done either through an ACH withdrawal from your checking account or with a debit or credit card.

Those who wish to mail their contributions to the church may do so at:
Toulon United Methodist Church
Attn: Financial Secretary
PO Box 538
Toulon IL 61483

Those who wish to give online my do so by clicking the button below and following the prompts: